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Hypnosis to stop smoking

While you might want to consciously want to stop smoking, you might still find ourselves smoking. Our hypnosis to stop smoking program tackles  the smoking habit that is rooted in the subconscious mind. The conscious mind can want to quit, but as long as the subconscious mind still wants to smoke, a contradiction will be present, leading to the stop-start-stop-start cycle.

1 to 1  Hypnosis to Stop Smoking or Stop Vaping:

The answer is to re-programme the unconscious mind through hypnotherapy. Our 1 session hypnosis to stop smoking programme helps use your desire to stop smoking by cementing that message deep into your subconscious. We’ve been helping stop smoking for over 15 years with great success. City Hypnosis enjoys a 93% success rate with helping people to quit smoking (out of 121 clients treated between between Jan 2021 – Nov 2021). 

We Also Offer Stop Smoking Corporate Packages:

We also offer our exceptional stop smoking services to groups of employees within various organisations. Since 2013 we have worked with employees from companies including: UBS, Deloitte, Henderson’s, Deutsche Bank, BBC, Instant Offices, Latham & Watkins, Baker & McKenzie. Please contact us to discuss the requirements for your organisation and how our group hypnosis to stop smoking packages work.

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I am Aaron Surtees, the Director here at City Hypnosis. I have been helping people for the past 15 years or more to overcome mental barriers that had previously stumped them. I am here to listen to your issues and help you overcome them one session at a time, whether that is fear or phobia, an unconscious bad habit, confidence issues, psychosexual problems, or an addiction of any sort. Everything starts from the mind and we can help you achieve your goals.

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