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Hypnosis for procrastination

Hypnosis for procrastination helps create a mental shift that allows you to do what you need to, without delay. Our phones, laptops and Netflix give us endless means of distraction.  Modern procrastination has reached unprecedented heights. 

We watch YouTube videos, text, scroll or watch TV instead of completing urgent tasks. Those tasks build, adding to our anxiety and creating a ‘paralysed’ feeling. Whether your procrastination is mainly confined to work or home or a mix of both, our hypnosis for procrastination programme works very effectively at helping replace your pattern of delay with action. Stress that comes from procrastinating is naturally reduced away replaced with a sense of calmness, positivity and achievements. Your unconscious mind, which drives procrastination, will switch to ‘do’ rather than ‘delay’.

Our track record in this field is superb, with a 92% success rate (out of 98 clients treated between Jan 2021 – Nov 2021).

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I am Aaron Surtees, the Director here at City Hypnosis. I have been helping people for the past 15 years or more to overcome mental barriers that had previously stumped them. I am here to listen to your issues and help you overcome them one session at a time, whether that is fear or phobia, an unconscious bad habit, confidence issues, psychosexual problems, or an addiction of any sort. Everything starts from the mind and we can help you achieve your goals.

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  • Free email or phone consultation
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