Pitching Success

Aaron Surtees’s ‘Pitching Success Programme’ has long been successfully transforming the content you have into confident, calm, focused and brilliant public speaking delivery.

Aaron Surtees leads the group hypnosis sessions for pitching success and has a high success rate in ensuring pitches are of an excellent quality. His work in Sales Psychology has helped over 4,000 clients over the past 10 years turn out outstanding pitches.

Aaron has used his own techniques in securing corporate hypnotherapy work with employees from many leading companies including Morgan Hunt, Blayze Group, Innocent, Henderson’s, UBS, Accenture, Deloitte amongst others.

He uses hypnosis and peak performance mind coaching to massively increase confidence, clarity, focus and engagement through business pitches and presentations.

Whether networking, seeking seed funding with pitch deck presentation or performing other types of public speaking related to selling your ideas, services or product we create a bespoke group session that delivers the necessary performance on the day.

Team pitching is crucial to a positive result, as Entrepreneur Mark Cuban puts it, there are at least 100 other people that have also thought about your same idea). For this reason idea is 10% and 90% is from the execution of the pitch.

We usually recommend 2-4 sessions pre pitch/presentation a week apart in the run up to your public speaking pitch/presentation.

Key Benefits: 

*Confident Presentation 
*Compelling Execution
*Engaging Communication
*Calm & Focused

If you have any questions and to book a consultation for your individually tailored needs please call or email us using the contact details on this page or on our contact page.