Healing the Mind: Hypnotherapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Healing the Mind: Hypnotherapy for Erectile Dysfunction

5th March 2021 by Aaron Surtees – UK’s Most Recommended Hypnotherapist

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is generally kept hush-hush in society, but the truth is, a lot of men experience it at some point.

ED is thought to affect around 10% of men in each decade of life (e.g. 60% of 60-69 year olds, 50% of 50-59 year olds, and so forth).

Often, the impact isn’t just physical. Guys who’ve had to deal with ED report feelings such as frustration and shame, which can turn into sex anxiety, fearing they will not be able to “perform” as they and their partner wish.

So, aside from drugs and blue pills, is there anything that can be done for ED?

Yes, there is. Hypnotherapy for erectile dysfunction offers a novel and mind-shifting approach for men who are stuck in a bit of a sex rut. Let’s find out why — but first, have you ever been left confused about what can cause ED?


If you have experienced erectile dysfunction (ED) before, you’re not alone. Achieving and maintaining a firm erection isn’t as straightforward as it can be made out to be. A lot of physical and mental processes are involved.

Erections occur due to an increase in blood flow to the penis. This behaviour is usually caused by sexually arousing thoughts or direct contact with the penis itself.

When a man feels sexual excitement, the muscles around the penis relax and allow the blood to fill the chambers inside it.

Yet, an erection won’t occur if the muscles are contracted, as this will block the flow of blood in the arteries that supply it.

There are a lot of factors that can cause ED. A few of the most common medical and psychological reasons include:

  • Aging
  • Diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure or kidney disease
  • Fatigue and sleep disturbance
  • Low testosterone
  • Relationship problems
  • Stress, anxiety, and/or depression


Experience ED? Well, if you’ve had to manage the condition before, you’ll know that the symptoms are pretty obvious.

Having trouble with getting (or keeping) the penis firm enough to be able to successfully have sex is the main thing that most men and their partners notice.

Yet, some other disorders may appear too. These include premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, or the inability to orgasm.

Reduced interest in sexual activities may also come about, due to hormonal imbalances or a subtle fear of sex that has built up over repeated failed attempts.

Is There a Cure for Erectile Dysfunction?

Of course, there are a lot of treatments for ED, yet how helpful they are will significantly depend on the underlying cause.

Certain types of ED can be relieved by using medications — please consult your doctor about this option.

While other men have good results using vacuum pumps to stimulate erections by pumping more blood to the penile tissues.

Yet, for psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, PTSD, and depression, there are alternative therapies that may be better placed.

Forms of talking therapy are one of the most popular methods. Open discussion with a professional can go a long way to relieving tension or apprehension you may feel when it comes to sex.

Sharing your feelings (which can be a challenge for many blokes!) is often useful to understand the way your mind is perceiving sex. Is the mind putting too much pressure on you? Are you starting to resent or avoid sex, for fear of failure? Getting clarity on these thought patterns can result in more mental freedom and improved sexual performance.

Yet, even though talking therapy is great, it’s not the only psychological treatment for ED.

In recent years, hypnosis for erectile dysfunction has become another go-to therapy many people are exploring.

What? Hypnosis?

Yep, hypnosis! Psychological ED is a separate variant of medical ED. And the psychological form of ED can be treated using hypnotherapy.

Psychological ED differs from medical ED due to it being present only during sexual intercourse.

If you’re able to get an erection when you wake up or while dreaming but have difficulties while having sex, then it’s probable that your problem can be solved with hypnosis.

Is Hypnosis for Erectile Dysfunction Effective?

The short answer?


Hypnosis for erectile dysfunction has been highlighted as an efficient method for ED.

There are a range of cognitive and psychological techniques employed by hypnotherapists, such as:

Systematic desensitization

If you’re unable to achieve an erection due to stressful situations, this type of therapy may help you.

In this approach, your hypnotherapist will guide you through anxiety-provoking situations while you’re in a calm, hypnotised state.

Don’t worry, it isn’t like the movies where you lose control of your body!

Instead, you’ll be in a relaxed frame of mind and will learn some tools that will aid you in approaching sex with confidence.

Cognitive approach

Cognitive approaches are usually used along with systematic desensitisation to achieve the best results.

This type of hypnosis for erectile dysfunction aims to refocus the erectile failure into something else. As a result, you’ll be able to adjust your internal thought process and view sex in a more empowering way.

It can be beneficial to re-learn and affirm that sex is meant to be a pleasurable experience — not one to resent or fear. This approach can guide you to understand how to enjoy sex again and stimulate your partner as you would like.

Psychodynamic approach

Psychodynamic approaches are often longer-term therapies. They involve a deep exploration of your relationships, both past and present.

Learning about the way that you experience love and your sexuality may shift your thoughts and beliefs surrounding sex. This in turn can help you to relieve stress that’s been locked inside you for years, and possibly become part of your identity.

But I Don’t Understand! How Does Hypnosis Work?

No worries! Let’s break it down in clear terms…

Here are some of the most common ways that hypnosis is used for erectile dysfunction:

1. Letting go of mental “blocks”

As the brain plays a significant role in the physiological reactions that create an erection, it’s important to take care of it.

The sexual excitement that’s the usual cause of an erection may be blocked. Psychological ailments such as depression, anxiety, and stress are also common blockers.

Unfortunately, this then becomes a vicious cycle as the ED may cause more anxiety and stress in the long run.

In these cases, hypnosis can be a powerful therapy — learning relaxation strategies to help you focus and approach sex with a sense of fun again.

2. Restoring your inner confidence

Losing confidence in yourself and low self-esteem can also be underlying causes of psychological ED.

If you’re too self-conscious or feel insufficient during your sexual activities, hypnotherapy is here to help.

You can retrace the root of your feelings back to previous issues and shed light on these so that they don’t feel so heavy. Some of the most common issues can be a bad relationship, jealousy, resentment towards your partner, or other previous embarrassing sexual encounters.

During therapy, you’ll be able to rebuild your sexual confidence and feel safe and comfortable once again.


3. Rewiring your habits

Remember how important blood flow is? Well, while good habits like exercise may help you increase it, bad habits, like smoking, can have an impact.

As giving up smoking is difficult, hypnosis has been proven as an effective way to stop it.

Rewiring your brain and getting rid of this type of activity may assist in increasing blood flow to the penis, and enable stronger erections.

What’s more, leading a healthier lifestyle (such as lifting weights and sleeping well) can do wonders for increasing libido and sexual cravings.

If you have problems such as eating habits, lack of exercise, and heavy drinking, try giving hypnotherapy a go. It’s a great strategy to start rewiring daily habits to commit to a better lifestyle.


4. Living in the moment

I know, I know. This sounds a bit spiritual. But are you really savouring the present moment as you go about your day?

Most men focus on the need to excel during sex and miss the actual point: to be intimate and mutually enjoy the act.

Hypnosis can help you feel less self-conscious by noticing the pleasant sensory experiences associated with sex and tapping into the present moment.

After all, what is sex without pleasure, right?

How Can I Start with Hypnotherapy?

First of all, I’m glad that you’ve decided to start this journey using hypnotherapy. Hypnosis has a lot of misconceptions surrounding it, but it’s a robust set of psychological techniques that you can benefit from.

If you want to start using hypnosis for erectile dysfunction, the first thing you have to do is find a therapist that you can trust.

Make sure to choose the right hypnotherapist for you, as this feeling comfortable to talk openly with your therapist is a key part of the healing process.

After you have made your first appointment, remember to hold on to a little patience. You may see progress in the first session, but typically 4-8 sessions are required to really notice your beliefs are changing for the better.

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