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Hypnotherapy to stop drinking

Hypnosis for drinking

Our hypnosis for drinking programme enables you to be able to enjoy a moderate amount of drinking, and then stopping before you reach the point of ‘no return’ or where the volume has far exceeded healthy limits. 

Hypnotherapy creates a mindset change in your subconscious that establishes an automatic control from the first sip. Where people had previously reported to constantly feel the need to drink or those who used to drink at least once a day, now go weeks without touching alcohol after their hypnotherapy treatment. Hypnosis for drinking helps in cutting down the desire to drink and also removes the “missing out” mentality of that surrounds social drinking.

Our hypnosis for drinking programme helps you to moderate your intake by re-setting the mind and its whole attitude towards alcohol. For those who want to stop the occasional blackouts hypnosis helps create an in-built mental “stop button”.

Please note: Our highly effective Stop Drinking programme is also available for those wanting to stop drinking completely 4 sessions usually recommended.

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I am Aaron Surtees, the Director here at City Hypnosis. I have been helping people for the past 15 years or more to overcome mental barriers that had previously stumped them. I am here to listen to your issues and help you overcome them one session at a time, whether that is fear or phobia, an unconscious bad habit, confidence issues, psychosexual problems, or an addiction of any sort. Everything starts from the mind and we can help you achieve your goals.

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  • Free email or phone consultation
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